Security Tinting for Your Commercial Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Window tinting can increase the security and comfort of your commercial facility. And you can get window tinting that provides the lasting protection and boosts energy-efficiency from Westside Glass, Inc.

Why You Need Window Tinting

Commercial facilities have a lot to gain by darkening windows and store fronts. Benefits of window tinting includes:

    Increased Security
    Window tinting decreases visibility inside your facility, decreasing the ability of potential burglars to case your inventory and assets. However, when backlit (as your store is during normal business hours), window tinting does not impede display visibility.

    Increased Customer Comfort
    Window tinting provides glare reduction, relieving eye strain or discomfort for your employees and customers.

    Reduced Energy Usage
    Window tinting minimizes temperature increases from intense direct sunlight, making it easier to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Window tinting is available in a variety of shades and colors, so it may also be used to enhance the appearance of your storefront.

Quality Window Tinting

Westside Glass, Inc. uses Suntek window tinting, recognized as one of the leading tinting films in the industry. Suntek offers superior UV protection and heat reduction and comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Full-Service Commercial Glass Shop

Westside Glass, Inc. is your one-stop commercial glass shop. We do everything from window replacement to window tinting, and we do it fast. Contact us for same-day or next-day service that includes on-site measurements and a free estimate.

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