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Our Process


Residential Glass

We install showers, new windows, as well as glass replacement, and window maintenance. Not to mention table tops, screens, and mirror!

  1. Give us a call! Be greeted by our knowledgeable CRS. They will take all the required information in order to create a work order and schedule a time that works. 

  2. A technician, either Don or Ben, will head over on the scheduled date and time to measure and evaluate what is needed or and or wanted. Once they have done that, they pass along the paperwork back to office for a quote to be generated. 

  3. Once the quote is reviewed and approved, we ask for a downpayment to secure the work. Only when a quote is approved, and a 50% deposit is received is when we start working on the order. 

  4. Once all materials of the order are ready we reach out to schedule the installation. Lead times may vary depending on the job

  5. Lastly, we install! The remaining balance is asked for once the job is 100% completed and the customer is happy! 


Auto Glass

Westside Glass is a preferred provider for most insurance companies. We install all glass on vehicles as well as replace window regulator and motors. We are certified to calibrate advance safety features right here in shop! Appointments are required. 

  1. Give us a call, and provide the year make and model of the vehicle in need of glass replacement. Once the correct part is located, an estimate will be provided with no hidden fees. 

  2. Scheduling is based upon part lead time and our availability. Installation can take up to two and half hours if a recalibration is required. 

  3. If you are going through your insurance, it is important to remember that glass coverage is under the comprehensive deductible. If the deductible is lower than the cash price given, that is when insurance is recommended. We call the insurance together the day of the appointment to help file the claim and assign our shop to perform the work. The customer is only responsible for paying us their deductible. The insurance company will not allow us to file any claims on behalf of the customer.

  4. Once installation is completed by our technician, there are a few things to remember. There will be two strips of blue tape, keep that on for 4-5 hours and no power car washing for 24 hours. If the windshield gets a chip, we fill them for FREE for as long as you own the vehicle. We warranty stress fractures and any leaking that may occur. 

  5. If you filed an insurance claim, no need to worry about anything else! We take care of the rest. 


Commercial Glass

We can replace storefront windows as well as build brand new construction for store front. We can also replace doors and perform maintenance on storefront doors if necessary. Interior Glass, such as glass doors and glass partitions to make any office stand out!

  1. Give us a call and we will dispatch our technicians that specialize in commercial glazing.

  2. A quote will be provided by the office and sent for approval. 

  3. In some cases, a deposit will be required before ordering. 

  4. Once all materials are ready, we reach out to schedule installation. Lead times vary depending on the job. 

  5. Lastly, we install! 

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